Wrath of Souls release on the 15th of October in North America

On the 15th October, Wrath of Souls will be released in North America on: Amazon Prime Video, Google Play, InDemand (Comcast and Cox), Microsoft Store, Vudu, YouTube Rentals and Hoopla.

The Film STARS: Khabir Singh, Pennyanne Lace, Tahlia Jade Holt, William Wensley, Richard Huggett, Vinod Mohan, Ozzie Devrish.

The tense supernatural thriller horror film is directed by up and coming Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam and written by Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam Charles Benedict, and Mukund Ramanan. Produced by Kanesh Mohana Sundaram, Mohana Sundaram, Vinod Mohana Sundaram.


The film is a ghost story with a twist inspired by true events, A film that begins halfway through and then takes the viewer back through plot strands which eventually coalesce, Wrath of Souls: Aiyai is an ambitious début from Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam which delivers. It follows student Kiran (Kabir Singh), who has recently lost his job after a confrontation at work and is relieved to find a new one in a quiet out-of-town funeral parlour where, as they say, none of the customers ever comes back to complain. At least, none has to date. When he arrives and is shown around by friendly boss Albert (Richard Huggert), there are mutterings about a recent departure who might have trouble crossing over. It doesn’t seem serious – just the kind of humour that gets people by in the business – but later events will make viewers reconsider the meaning behind those words. Once you see them. Nothing Can Save You.

The film is entirely shot on location in Queensland, Australia, with a multi-ethnic cast, and it creates an intriguing true story feel, whilst managing to avoid the horror movies clichés. Being tailored specifically to engage a wide range of international audiences, Wrath Of Souls is one of the few Independent films from Australia to secure recognition in a record number of International festivals achieving 15 Awards won to date and 37 nominations over 5 Continents, including Best Actor for Kabir Singh, Best Cinematography for Damien Beebe and Best Director for Alan Arumugam.

Wrath Of Souls (Aiyai: Wrathful Soul) has already been released in Singapore, Malaysia, Qatar, UAE, Bahrain and Oman for which it had a good opening with positive response from audiences and high acclaim from the critics and film reviews.

Sales Agent Phoenix Worldwide Entertainment is proud to be working on worldwide sales with the producing and creative team of Wrath of Souls.

Mitch Malone of Stadium said “We are very excited about the film and believe it will do very well. It is very well made and ticks all the boxes. We are happy to be working with Phoenix and the creative team of Wrath Of Souls”.

  • Date: October 13, 2021

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