Victor Bojinov’s film The Liberators (a.k.a Heights) has opened at No 1 of the Bulgarian Box Office with 50,000 admissions on its first week of release and is head to be one of the biggest box off gross of Bulgarian history.

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Based on Milen Ruskov’s best selling novel in eastern europe of the same title, Heights centres on events taking place a few years before Bulgaria freed itself from Ottoman rule in 1877. The story follows Gicho (Aleksandar Aleksiev, who is also the star and producer of Yana Titova’s feature debut, Fall and Salvation – see the news), a young man fighting in a revolutionary group that dreams of liberating the country. After he proves his prowess in battle, Gicho will receive a special mission from the group’s leader, paving the way for great adventures.

Doykov (Producer) is no stranger to Bulgarian box-office hits: in 2010,  he produced, Mission: London], which opened to 46,000 admissions, ending its run in Bulgarian cinemas with a record-breaking 376,000 tickets sold and becoming the biggest box office film in Bulgarian History out performing Star Wars. The Liberators has started well and looks to outperform Mission London.

  • Date: November 27, 2017

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