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Brigitte Bardot Forever

Brigitte Bardot Forever

2021 / 2h 2mins / Drama

DIRECTOR: Lech Majewski

STARRING: Kacper Olszewski, Magdalena Rózczka, Joanna Opozda, Weronika Rosati, Andrzej Grabowski, Tomasz Sapryk, Bogdan Kalus, Elzbieta Okupska, Stanislaw Brudny, Gabriela Chojecka, Aleksander Chwast, Oliver Cieslak, Lech Dyblik, Katarzyna Dynowska

The mid-20th century in communist Poland. Adam lives with his mother, who is persecuted by the state security service. Adam’s father fought in World War II as a pilot, defending Britain, and has not been heard from since. It’s not clear if he stayed in England or returned and is hiding to avoid persecution. Packages and postcards arrive from him, but Adam, who has never seen his father, suspects someone else is sending them. At school he keeps dreaming that his father will one day land in the sports field at his school in his Spitfire, raising dust from which he will emerge alive, heroic and magnificent. One day, as the boy is watching Jean-Luc Godard’s “Contempt” at the cinema, he is transported to the young Brigitte Bardot’s dressing room and her world of film and music stars. Maestro Majewski’s latest film, based on his novel “Pilgrimage to the Tomb of Brigitte Bardot the Wonderful”, in which he settles accounts with his youth, childhood, and all that Poland meant to him.

Screener Password: bardot

A Beautiful Breakup

A Beautiful Breakup

2022 / 1h 32mins / Romance, Thriller

DIRECTOR: Ajithvasan Uggina

ACTORS: Krish Mudragada, Matylda, Marco Robinson

Sometimes unconditional love pours when hate grows. Krish and Ruby oblivious to what destiny holds for them, set out on one last holiday to celebrate their Breakup. Destiny and the Destination have a lot to offer. Their fate will be now decided by the unseen.

What if your life was now decided by the unseen?

A Beautiful Breakup is a narrative presented against the popular genres of romance, thriller & horror. The film revolves around a couple who would like to break up and the souls of a family trapped in three different bottles using demonic powers that are looking to avenge their betrayer who caused their death. The film through its visuals, music & effects intends to bring about the eeriness that the story sets out to say. It is a story of love, hate, yearning, revenge & several other sets of paradoxical emotions that travel simultaneously in the life of Krish & Ruby.

The protagonists Krish & Ruby are a couple who are in a live-in relationship in the UK. As a couple who have travelled the world
together, various destinations have seen their love grow deeper over the years. Despite all this, the couple decides to break up & they plan to make the closure a beautiful one by doing their most favourite thing, travel.

Krish & Ruby get to a scenic estate house situated in the Southern part of India & look forward to having a beautiful end to their relationship that has lost its beauty. Little are they aware of all the mystery & eeriness that the house has to offer to them.

A few years back a family of three – husband, wife & a little daughter who owned the scenic estate house were betrayed by a man with the intention to abduct the 1000 acres property along with the house. The man goes to the extent of murdering the family & finds out that the departed souls roam around the property to ensure nobody occupies their home. To avoid such difficulties in the future the man decides to capture their souls in three different bottles. The bottles are ceased using demonic powers and are placed in different parts of the house to ensure the souls don’t resurrect for revenge.

Krish and Ruby have no idea what they are walking into – their fate will be now decided by the unseen. Will the souls break free from the bottles like how Krish & Ruby plan to break free from their relationship? Will the souls be able to give Krish & Ruby the truth behind their demise? Are the souls looking to avenge the betrayer? How will Krish & Ruby handle the harsh truth about the betrayer who stands as the reason for the happy little family’s misery? Various other open ends of the tale are knitted together to form the climax of the film.




2020 / 1h 28mins / Drama, Thriller

DIRECTOR: Troy Ruptash

ACTORS: Ali Liebert, Vera Graziadei, Troy Ruptash, Alex Feldman, Ryan Northcott, Natalie Yatsina, Pierce Briggs, Michael Sech, David Ley, Andrey Grouchko, Melanie Bahniuk, Garrett Chomlak, Markian Olineck, Donald Bodnar, Daniel Mazepa, Dana-Lynne Knapp, Alex Feldman

A Ukrainian farmer living in Alberta loses his wife in a tragic accident. Guilt and grief send him into an emotional spiral where mysterious and inexplicable events force him to relive traumatic incidents from his childhood in Ukraine.


Legend of the Lizard Man

Legend of the Lizard Man

2022 / 1h 30mins / Horror

DIRECTOR: Louisa Warren

ACTORS: Natasha Arancini, Eric James Gravolin, James Lock, Victoria U Bell, Matthew Baunsgard, Harvey Almond, Chris Clynes, Jade Michael LaFont, Cain Magee, Francesca Fleur, Denise Orita, Anton Rice, Sean Earl McPherson, Tony Brown, Ben Keenan

The LIZARD-MAN myth has long brought curious travellers from across the globe into town, in search of the prehistoric beast lurking beneath the swamp.


Meet The Lees

Meet The Lees

2020 / 1h 40mins / Comedy

DIRECTOR: Brenda Lee

ACTORS: Belinda Duong, Carmen Pat, Eric Mok, Siu Hun Li, Robert Firth, Lucy Sheen, Helena Huang

So, you’re a talented young actor. It’s the eve of your theatrical debut. Would you turn down your big break to help save the family business? And appear with them on their favourite TV game show? Fortune Cookies is the debut feature film from Writer/Director Brenda Lee. Shot in Northampton, UK, by Screen Northants.


The Afflicted

The Afflicted

2022 / 1h 20mins / Drama

DIRECTOR: Mehdi Fard Ghaderi

ACTORS: Leila Zare, Mohammad Amin, Farokh Nemati, Reza Behboodi, Roya Javidnia, Hediyeh Azidhak, And Mohammadreza Davoodnejad, Ata Servati, Maryam Boobani

This is a beautiful and thought-provoking film, by the award winning Iranian born writer, director, producer – Mehdi Fard Ghaderi. The Afflicted is his third film. “Immortality” 2016, a one take film and “Weightlessness” 2019 were both very well received internationally around the world winning 16 awards and 52 nominations. “The Afflicted” has been submitted for the Cannes Film Festival 2022 – Main Competition and Directors’ Fortnight.

THE STORY: The film centres around three directors trying to make a film about social problems of violence and abuse against women and executions. The first director wants to emigrate, but learns that his lead actor is being executed, so decides to make a film about the execution. The second director wants to make a film about abused women but is opposed by her husband. The third director is informed by his doctor that he has cancer and wants to make the last film of his life. Each director’s story is focused on a different genre, story and covers a different generation.


Paolo Rossi - The Heart of a Legend

Paolo Rossi

2020 / 1h 30mins / Documentary

DIRECTORS: Gianluca Fellini, Michela Scolari

STARS: Giancarlo Antognoni, Roberto Baggio, Zbigniew Boniek, Antonio Cabrini, Franco Carraro, Alberto Cerruti, Fedele Confalonieri, Gabriele Gravina, Kurt Hamrin, Gianni Infantino, Leovegildo Júnior, Diego Maradona, Luciano Moggi, Pelé, Michel Platini, Paolo Rossi, Karl-Heinz Rummenigge, Marco Tardelli

“PAOLO ROSSI” is a 90-min feature documentary about Paolo Rossi, who as a child grew up in straightened circumstances not unlike the ones that young Sami currently struggles with. We hear his story though a remarkable retelling, as he speaks to the orphans about being impoverished and sickly in a small village in Tuscany. He speaks passionately about how he managed to achieve his greatest dream-to become the 1982 World Champion, kicking his way into history. Join Paolo on his emotional odyssey, as he details his life, his winding journey, along with that of his friends Falcao, Platini, Maradona, Pele, Zico, Rummenigge, Tardelli, Cabrini, Zoff and Boniek. When viewed through the lens of the street children, the forgotten Romanian orphans, it is a powerful reminder to all of us that a dream means nothing if not pursued with love and respect. The children, like the viewer, see that a real champion is first of all a champion in his heart.

Bucharest, once a jewel on the Danube known as “Little Paris,” is a city of contradictions. For decades, below the beautiful neoclassical buildings thousands of homeless children have roamed the streets. In 2019, the plague continues. The frail, forgotten orphans still die in enormous numbers every year.

To so many they are invisible, but not to the non-profit Parada and their extremely committed volunteers. Made up of soccer players and artists, these men and women devote their time to the street children and give the orphans a chance to hope and dream so that as they grow, they may learn to resist, live, and even love.

“A Champion is a Dreamer who never gives up” World Champion Italian soccer player Paolo Rossi said to little Sami, an 11-year-old orphan who longs to be a soccer champion like him. Rossi, as well as many other champions: Pele, Maradona, Cabrini, Tardelli, Zoff, Rummenigge, Antognoni, Boniek, R. Baggio, Platini, Zico and Falcao-came from troubled pasts, fighting through tragedy and terrible childhoods to achieve their goals, and become legendary.


Fruits of the Heart

Fruits of the Heart

2021 / 1h 44mins / Comedy, Drama

DIRECTOR: Coke Daniels

ACTORS: Clifton Powell, Wendy Raquel Robinson, Dorien Wilson, Cocoa Brown, Dawn Halfkenny, Lil Mama, Brad James, Duane Finley, Shacai O’Neal, Rhonda Saunders, Lorenzo Cromwell, Amy Hui, Kennedy Chanel, Auston Jon Moore, Scott Deal, Tari Ayana

The epic tale of a mother and her daughter.


Due Season

Due Season

2022 / 1h 33mins / Drama

DIRECTOR: Cecil Chambers

ACTORS: Shanice Baeier, Ryan Coohill, Lorenzo Cromwell, Justiin A. Davis, Michael DeBarge, T.L. Flint, Vivica A. Fox, Iliana Guibert, Jonathan Hadley, Dante Hawkins, Barry Shabaka Henley

After being accepted into the conservatory of her dreams, Vicky Waters must win a competition to stay, but to do so she’ll need a secret weapon: Gospel Music.


Palermo 1980 - The Mafia Killings (The Italian JFK)

Palermo 1980 – The Mafia Killings (The Italian JFK)

2021 / 1h 37mins / Crime, Drama, History

DIRECTOR: Aurelio Grimaldi

ACTORS: Antonio Alveario, Claudio Castrogiovanni, Nicasio Catanese

After being caught for stealing, two sisters are sentenced to a religious institution for reform. How the Italian Fascist Party managed to turn the physical elimination of a political enemy into a test of strength fundamental for their ascent into the totalitarian regime.

Screener Password: thekilling

Dirty, Sexy and Totally Iconic

Dirty, Sexy and Totally Iconic

2021 / Documentary

DIRECTORS: Tony Klinger, Wayne Roberts, Rob Fairhurst

STARRING: Tony Klinger, Michael Caine, Mike Hodges

A documentary celebration of the 50th anniversary of British pop-noir classic ‘Get Carter’. Fascinating interviews with some of the stars and crew including legendary actor Michael Caine and Director Mike Hodges, reveal how the film came into being, and what lead to it becoming such a classic icon of British cinema.


The Man Who Got Carter

The Man Who Got Carter

2018 / 1h 41mins / Documentary

DIRECTOR: Tony Klinger

ACTORS: Michael Caine, Mike Hodges, Tony Klinger

A documentary feature film about the phenomenal life and career of legendary British film producer Michael Klinger. A trailblazer in the field of independent film production, Klinger went on to create the iconic ‘Get Carter’ in 1971, featuring national treasure Michael Caine, and rated by many as the best British gangster film of all time.

Klinger worked with stars such as Roger Moore, Michael Caine, Peter Finch, Oliver Reed, and many others in his thirty-three feature films.and is fondly remembered by those lucky to have collaborated with him as being relentlessly funny and sharply intelligent and in the words of Caine, “a consummate and expert film producer”.

Screener Password: themanwhogotcarter


MCMX – The Anthology Movie
A dark comedy about the end of the world

2022 / 1h 30mins / Anthology Fiction Film, Indie & Artfilm, Black Comedy & Music Movie


Host: Soul Legend – Lee Fields / USA. Lead Actor – Kele Okereke / UK (Member of the Band: Bloc Party). Lead Actress – Mélanie Pain / France (Member of the Band: Nouvelle Vague). Lead Actors – Alloysious Massaquoi / Kayus Bankole / „G“ Hastings / Scottland (Members of the Band: Young Fathers). Lead Actor – Ebbot Lundberg / Sweden (Former Member of the Band: Soundtrack of our Lives). Lead Actor – Bobby Conn / US. Additional performances by – Peter Broderick / USA (Former Member of the Band: Efterklang). With Music of Arthur Russel / USA.

What would you do if someone told you that tomorrow will be the last day of your life?

A bit of Tarantino / Wenders / Jodorwski / Kaurismaki / Von Trier and Anderson.

Synopsis: When Halley’s comet made it’s closest approach to the Earth in 1910, several people killed themselves out of contagious fear and panic. People started to confess love, to come out to the whole world, to celebrate sex, orgies or start to commit suicide or to get criminal. Let’s turn the most crazy, the funniest & intimate stories of the comet panic from 1910 and 1986 into a wonderful movie.

Story: Throughout history, there’s always been a bit of panic when comets approached the sun, burning off into long, ominous tails. But in the months preceding Halley’s flyby of Earth on May 19, 1910, folks got real creative with their anxiety. It didn’t help that a few months earlier, The New York Times had announced that one astronomer theorized that the comet would unceremoniously end life as we know it. For thousands of years of human civilization, comets have come and gone, yet we’re still here.

Halley’s Comet: It is a “periodic” comet and returns to Earth’s vicinity about every 75 years. The last time it was here was in 1986, and it is projected to return in 2061. Halley is the only known short-period comet that is clearly visible to the naked eye from Earth, and the only comet that might appear twice in a human lifetime. The comet’s pass in 1910 was particularly spectacular, as the comet flew by about 13.9 million miles. One of the substances discovered in the tail by spectroscopic analysis was the toxic gas cyanogen, which led astronomers to claim that, when Earth passed through the tail, the gas “would impregnate the atmosphere and possibly snuff out all life on the planet.” His pronouncement led to panicked buying of gas masks and quack “anti-comet pills” and “anti-comet umbrellas” by the public.

MCMX means 1910. The year.

Territories Sold: Available Worldwide

Screener Password: mcmx

Cossacks - A 12 Part Epic Adventure

Cossacks (TV Series)


2020 / Action, Adventure / Available in English

DIRECTOR: Aleksandr Berezan

STARRING: Yuriy Dyak, Andrey Isaenko, Mila Sivatskaya, Mikhail Gavrilov, Oleh Voloschenko, Larisa Rusnak, Oleksandr Piskunov, Ostap Stupka, Irakli Maruashvili, Mikhail Kukuyuk, Tatyana Malkova, Dmytro Vivcharyuk, Aleksandr Melnik, Eugene Olijnyk, Volodymyr Kravchuk, Igor Portyanko, Georgiy Deliev, Senya Doliak

Raised by a Polish aristocrat, Ivan is a young Ukrainian peasant, a likeable rogue. His cheeky disposition enables him to rob the Moscow Tsar of precious jewels, yet it’s to a noble end: he needs the royal riches to free his mother from the Ottomans who have enslaved her. However, Ivan accidentally also steals a magical heirloom, an earring which had helped the Moscow Tsar defeat his enemies. Now the earring is in the hands of the Sich leader, Koshovy, in his Ukrainian Cossack Fortress. We will discover it holds more than one secret.

TERRITORIES: Available Worldwide

Screener Password: cossacks

Give Them Wings

Give Them Wings

2021 / Drama

DIRECTOR: Sean Cronin

STARRING: Daniel Watson, Toyah Willcox, Bill Fellows

Give Them Wings is based on the autobiography of severely disabled football fan Paul Hodgson. Diagnosed with childhood meningitis aged just 10 months, Paul’s parents were told he would never move or speak.

Set in 1989, the film takes us through Paul’s incredible journey of heartbreak, suffering, discrimination and love, recounting his struggle to care for his mother, his experience of the Community Care system, education and employment, the loyalty of his friends and finally finding acceptance with both his father and the wider world.

Awarded Best UK Feature and Best British Feature at the 2021 London Independant Film Awards, Give Them Wings follows in the footsteps of other real human interest stories which embrace the discrimination of the disabled and turn it on its head, such as My Left Foot, Billy Elliot, The Intouchables and I Daniel Blake.

‘Beautifully shot, totally immersed in the world from a design perspective but what smacks you between the eyes are the performances. Incredible. Toyah is sublime, the son exquisite and their painful relationship with the father just heart wrenching…up there with the best. Mike Leigh, Ken Loach, eat your hearts out’ – Nigel Daly, Screen International

TERRITORIES: Available Worldwide

Screener Password: givethemwings

The Right Bus

The Right Bus

2021 / 1h 36mins / Romance

DIRECTOR: Robbie Moffat

ACTORS: Suzanne Kendall, Ed Ward, Chris Bearne, Maurice Byrne

A poignant, soul-stirring film based on a novel by Glenn Ward. Two strangers, drawn inexorably to the Scottish West coast, meet in Oban and begin a relationship. Connie intends to return to America, a place she once called home, and David has an important career to follow. Is the bond they’ve made strong enough to keep them together? Or are they to be ships that pass in the night?

Screener Password: right



2019 / 1h 34mins / Drama

DIRECTOR: Karl Golden

STARRING: Diarmaid Murtagh, Woody Norman, Seun Shote

A homeless man searching for his lost dog forges an unexpected bond with a young boy. A deeply poignant film about mental illness in today’s society. With beautiful performances by Diarmaid Murtagh and Woody Norman.

“Incredible performances a must see film” fink ★★★★★

In his new film C’mon’ C’mon by director Mike Mills starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix “WOODY NORMAN is one of the greatest finds and it’s difficult not to be enamoured by his whimsical delivery and touching beats”. Variety 2021

TERRITORIES: The film has been picked up by Bulldog Films for the UK and Electric Pictures for North America.

Screener Password: bruno

So Long Marianne

So Long Marianne

2021 / 1h 45mins / Drama, Romance

DIRECTOR: Paul Wiffen

STARRING: Josefine Frida Pettersen, Joe Vetch, Ed Ward, Suzanne Kendall, Tim Churchill, Despina Mirou, Catherine O’Reilly, Andreas Marianos, Shaylyn Gibson, MJ Lee, Joe Rainbow, Step Sinatra, Daniel Dresner

The story of Leonard Cohen’s self-imposed exile, to finish writing a novel, in the idyllic Greek island of Hydra, and his fateful meeting and subsequent love affair with beautiful Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. A time of passion and music, sun and romance which saw the transformation of Cohen from a fiction writer into the international songwriter, poet and performer he was born to be.

TERRITORIES: Available Worldwide

Screener Password: pt-slm23

Fight Like Eagles

Fight Like Eagles

2019 / 1h 40mins / Drama, History

DIRECTOR: Gianni Aureli

STARRING: Teo Guarini, Alessandro Intini, Romeo Tofani

Milan after twenty years of fascism, all youth associations are closed by the Duce, including the Italian scout association. A group of boys decided to say no, and founded the Aquile Randagie or the Stray Eagles; the group is led by Andrea Ghetti and Giulio Cesare Uccellini, who continue clandestine scout activities, they keep their promise: to help others in all circumstances. The group discovers Val Codera, an impervious plain near Milan, and makes it its base. Fascism however follows, spies and commits acts of violence against them. However, obstacles and violence do not stop the Eagles. After 1943, the boys started the clandestine scout movement which would support the resistance until the end of the war. Together with some teachers of the San Carlo college in Milan, they will join OSCAR – Catholic Scout Organisation Assistance Wanted and try to get over the Italian border and reach Switzerland with more than 2,000 people wanted by the Nazi-fascists.

Finalist Premo Mario Derdone 2020. Official Selection in Boca Raton Jewish Film Festival 2020. Official Selection in Amman International Film Festival 2020. Special Event Mantova Film Fest 2019. Special Event Giffoni Experience 2019.

TERRITORIES: Sold: Italy, available for the rest of the World.

Screener Password: fightlikeeagles

Election Night

Election Night

2020 / 1h 40mins / Horror, Thriler

DIRECTOR: Neil Monaghan

STARRING: Samantha Loxley, Rebecca Ferdinando, Sean Cronin

The Britain of Election Night is a society where the public has grown cynical about the establishment and traditional politicians. Many believe in a new optimism coming from a revitalised left. But threatening to spoil the party is a new populist far-right movement headed by a former newspaper baron.

Our film is set on the night of the election as five liberal-minded friends gather to watch the results on television, as politicos do. It’s a drink-fuelled night that could be a huge celebration. But outside far-right supporters are rioting and claiming a rigged election. And then there’s a knock on the door. Three people desperately seek shelter from the violence. It’s only when the visitors are welcomed in that they show their true colours.

As the tight election result turns in favour of the far-right, the visitors seize control. Suddenly we’re into a full-on home-invasion movie, with the far-right acting out their new policies of violence and hate towards the establishment.

The film plays out a microcosm of the horrors our world could face if society stays as politically messed up as it is today.

Election Night is a pressure-cooker of a movie, a story that’s crying out to be told. A tense thriller. A violent, bloody horror. And a call to arms to the political dangers that lie ahead for all of us.

A British “PURGE”

TERRITORIES: Details Coming Soon

Screener Password: electionnight

Wrath of Souls

Wrath of Souls

2020 / 1h 30mins / Horror, Thriller

DIRECTOR: Ilanthirayan Alan Arumugam

STARRING: Korey Williams, Ozzie Devrish, Tahlia Jade Holt

A neighbourhood is plagued by mysterious tragedies when a young man becomes the conduit for an unknown spirit, the ‘AIYAI’ which lures victims to their chilling fates.

Chilling and Intense…A Truly Terrifying Film. ★★★★

TERRITORIES: Details Coming Soon

Screener Password: wrathofsouls

A Christmas Wish

A Christmas Wish

2020 / 1h 40mins / Comedy, Drama

DIRECTOR: Vincent Woods

STARRING: Joan Collins, Martin Kemp, Luke Goss, Cathy Tyson, Kym Marsh

Hapless Loss Adjuster Martin Dyer spends his days assessing other peoples’ problems and ignoring his own. When his wife Angie leaves him a week before Christmas, things go from bad to worse. This British feel good film tackles sensitive issues such as despair and loneliness with humour and empathy, and will raise spirits with it’s wonderfully uplifting ending.

AWARDS: Winner of Best Comedy Film at Crown Wood International Film Festival and Best Feature at the Florence Film Awards

TERRITORIES: Sold: UK, North America (Minerva Pictures), available for the rest of the World.

Screener Password: lossadjuster

The Maltese Connection

The Maltese Connection

2021 / Action, Adventure

DIRECTOR: Danny Patrick

STARRING: Flora Spencer-Longhurst, Rosa Coduri, Jack Bence

British Action Thriller. A female British agent Aureille is sent to Ireland to investigate the robbery of Bearer Bonds by Rory Baker. Betrayed and set up by a Priest, the agent goes Rogue in Malta, dodging the Baker’s ruthless hit men and worse, her own boss Miranda.

TERRITORIES: Details Coming Soon

Screener Password: maltese

Murder in the Woods

Murder in the Woods

2021 / 1h 30mins / Horror, Mystery, Thriller


STARRING: José Julián, Jeanette Samano, Chelsea Rendon, Catherine Toribio, Kade Wise, Jordan Diambrini, Soledad St. Hilaire, Danny Trejo

MURDER IN THE WOODS is centered on a group of college friends who plan a getaway to celebrate a birthday party at a desolate cabin in the woods. Against his grandmother’s (Soledad St. Hilaire) demands, Jesse (José Julián), a loner-type decides to go on a trip with his friends. He is immediately smitten with Fernanda (Jeanette Samano), a sweet girl from Chicago whom he hasn’t seen in years. She is in town visiting her loudmouth cousin, Chelsea (Chelsea Rendon), who is ready to celebrate her birthday and plans to let loose with her boyfriend Gabe (Jordan Diambrini). Tagging along at the last second are Jule (Kade Wise), the class clown pothead, and the very out-of-his-league Celeste (Catherine Toribio). Soon after arriving to the mysterious cabin in the woods, the group of teens discover the dark secret it holds, which forces them to fight for their lives.

Breaking diversity barriers in Hollywood with its multicultural cast and filmmakers, MURDER IN THE WOODS is hailed as an “…eerie …hellacious throwback to old school slasher films” (Humberto Guida, LATV). The horror premiered at the Festival Internacional de Cine de Guadalajara in LA (FICG in LA) at the TCL Chinese Theatre in Hollywood, thrilling audiences and selling out in 24 hours. During the festival run, the film won nine awards, including Best Film at the LA Skins Film Festival and XicanIndie Film Fest, in addition to Best Supporting Actor (Kade Wise), Best Sound Design and Best Soundtrack at the Macabre Faire Film Festival in New York, as well as the Panavision New Filmmaker Grant.

“…a smart, funny and very effective horror movie that recalls classics of the genre but has a voice and style all its own” – Jim Hemphill, Filmmaker Magazine

“A non-stop thrill ride that doesn’t let up.” – Humberto Guida, LATV

TERRITORIES: Sold: Middle East, available for the rest of the World.

Screener Password: murderinthewoods

Diary of Love

2019 / 1h 30mins / Drama

DIRECTOR: Marilù Manzini

STARRING: Giulia Di Quilio, Emilia Verginelli, Giuseppe Convertini

Based on the novel “Il quaderno nero dell’amore” by Marilù Manzini, published by Rizzoli. Through a diary written in a notebook, it tells the most intimate sexual secrets of three young people in search of their identities.

TERRITORIES: Details Coming Soon

Screener Password: diaryoflove

Beethoven X

Beethoven X – The AI Project – 200 years in the making

2021 / Documentary / Music

DIRECTOR: Hannes Michael Schalle

STARRING: Sebastian Koch, Billy Joel, Michael Menzel

Can artificial intelligence complete Beethoven’s 10th symphony? Man vs Machine – The Story. When Beethoven died in March 1827 a part of his legacy were 40 sketches for a 10th unfinished symphony. 193 years later, the world will witness the premiere of the completed 10th symphony by the Beethoven Orchestra in his birth town Bonn. An AI software dedicated to Beethoven’s symphonic works will complete what the Maestro never could before his death.

TERRITORIES: Details Coming Soon

Screener Password: beethoven



2021 / Sci-Fi, Thriller

DIRECTOR: Pavel Podashov

STARRING: Vadim Sitnikov, Polina Kakubova, Oleg Blohin, Tatnya Goncharova, Michael Koshin

A group of people are searching for a fallen meteorite in a remote area. Unbeknownst to them the meteorite has brought a virus. Who will survive?

TERRITORIES: Details Coming Soon

Screener Password: meteorite

3 Days with Dad

3 Days with Dad

2019 / 1h 30mins / Comedy

DIRECTOR: Larry Clarke

STARRING: David Koechner, J.K. Simmons, Lesley Ann Warren, Sam Trammell

3 Days with Dad follows a manic Roman Catholic family who is preparing for the death of their dying father, Bob (Brian Dennehy). He’s still alive and kicking, but knows his fate. Eddie (Larry Clarke), the son supposedly in charge, isn’t ready for any of this, especially having to deal with his stepmother, Dawn (Lesley Ann Warren). Together with his siblings, Eddie struggles over many end-of-life decisions, including potentially pulling the plug should the time come – all in front of a dying Bob, who argues that while he’s still alive, he’s calling the shots.

“…a terrific ensemble of scene-stealing players”  Hollywood Reporter

“Lesley Ann Warren in an impressively fearless performance”  Variety

★★★★ “…will warm its audiences’ hearts”  Eye For Film

TERRITORIES: Sold: North America, available for the rest of the World.

Screener Password: 3days

The Whisper of Silence

The Whisper of Silence

2020 / 1h 33mins / Drama

DIRECTOR: Alfonso Quijada

STARRING: Laura Osma, Fernando Gaviria, Juan Carlos Velis

Filmed in El Salvador, The Whisper of Silence was written and directed by multi-award winning international film producer Alfonso Quijada. Set in the coffee fields of Latin America, the movie unfolds through the eyes of Josefina Moreno, an 18 year-old coffee picker with a rare and amazing sense of smell. Actress Laura Osma is a phenomenal lead.

TERRITORIES: Sold: North America, available for the rest of the World.

Screener Password: whisperofsilence

Death Ranch

Death Ranch

2020 / 1h 18min / Horror, Thriller

DIRECTOR: Charlie Steeds

STARRING: Deiondre Teagle, Faith Monique, Travis Cutner

1970s USA, three African American siblings on the run from the police take refuge at an abandoned Tennessee Ranch, unaware that their hideout is on the hunting grounds of a cannibalistic Ku Klux Klan cult. Trapped and tortured, the three must fight tooth and nail to escape alive and take down the bloodthirsty Klan.

TERRITORIES: Sold: North America, UK, Germany, Japan, available for the rest of the World.

Screener Password: deathranch

The Sound Of Music Revisited

The Sound of Music Revisited

2022 / 1h / Documentary, Music

DIRECTOR: Hannes Michael Schalle

STARRING: Pentatonix, Lady Gaga, Barbara Streisand, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Robin Thicke, Bayby face, Nicole Scherzinger, Kristin Chenoweth, Clairo & Conan, Gwen Stefani. Hosted by Christina Hendrix.

The music is underscored by David Rosenthal (Music Director of Billy Joel). Music is produced and arranged by Walter Afansieff, conducted by Rob Eckland, Orchestra performed by Mozarteum Orchestra Salzburg and co-produced by Randy Jackson.

The Sound Of Music Revisited tells the story of the creation and subsequent global success story of one of the world’s most profitable musical drama films of all time. We revisit the original shooting locations in Salzburg, New York City where the stage musical was created, and LA where the iconic film was made. The film uses a mixture of narrative story telling, re-enactments and newly recorded productions of the original songs with international musical stars who share their own Sound Of Music stories.

TERRITORIES: Sold: USA – Sold to CW networks for airing this Easter, but all USA digital rights available. Available for the rest of the World.


Phoenix will be taking part in EFM 2023, 16th to 22nd February.

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