The design for each film page starts with the cover, so it is important you let me know which film cover to use for each film, if I get this wrong then I will have to go through and change all the related elements. Maybe quickly start by browsing all films and I will note down the wrong covers first off.

These are some I think may not be correct:

The Resistance Fighter?


Corpse Sniper? – should be Zombie Soldier, but I cannot find a decent quality cover for this and it wouldn’t match the clip etc

The Green Hell – this has another option available?

Discuss lists:

LIST 1: home page slideshow list:

2 x SLIDESHOWS – DESKTOP/MOBILE: I would say let’s aim to keep this to under 10 max, I think about 7 to 8 is ideal or less, and if you give me the order for these as well this will allow you to easily set the order, then each month (or update) you can easily let me know the approx 8 films to feature on the slider.


This list can be less than we have now, so I can simply remove a load of films from the featured list. Longer term I plan to make the site more Feature list centred, so that these titles are featured more strongly than they are now, but we can look at this after we have launched the basic site, so work on lots of further refinements once we have the basics sorted, for example I would like to create a nice icon or similar for each of the main categories, which will replace the very basic orange ones featured lower down on the home page, this could look really nice and maybe we could have a different colour and background for each category as well, but again I see this as part of a next phase of work.


For the above I am missing info for election night and certain territories, discuss.


1. Baby Juice Express – no vimeo trailer

2. Garfields Funfest – not phoenix

3. Gina Gods Soldier – no pics, no trailer

4. Small Apartments – no trailer

5. Great West End Theatres – individual trailers for episodes, but only a 15 min promo for the overall series

6. Terry – no vimeo trailer

7. Chronicles of Young Washington – post production, no info at all

8. Two Days – not phoenix

9. Winter Ridge – not phoenix, password required

10. Gate to Heaven – password required

11. Riders – vimeo link brings up trailer with title Steal

12. Grand Affair – vimeo link brings up trailer with title Belle de Seignuer

13. Sniper Corpse – vimeo link brings up trailer with title Zombie Soldiers


Here is a good example, straight to Mailchimp – see lower down page here: ThemeFusion links to: MailChimp Signup Page