Leading into EFM this week Phoenix closes North American and UK distribution deals on a string of indie film titles

Leading into EFM this week Phoenix closes North American and UK distribution deals on a string of indie film titles. First off is Jane Sanger’s British indie genre film Swiperight, produced between Lumino Films and Bazooka Bunny. The film stars Sophie Ward (Young Sherlock Holmes, Books of Blood, The Moonstone). The legend Toyah Willcox  (The Tempest, Cluedo, Quatermass, Invasion Planet Earth), Jenny Wu (Top of the Lake, Secret City, Deadhouse Dark) and up and coming actress / Tik Tock influencer Ellie Bindman (Casualty, Call the Midwife, Grantchester).


Written and directed by award winning up and coming Jane Sanger of Lumino films. Jane started life teaching drama and moved into film making 10 years ago. She has made 16 shorts, 2 features, several promos and around 250 showreels. Much of the material she writes herself. She has won 41 awards and received two scholarships at NFTS and Rocaberti Retreat for writing. Her preferred genres are thrillers, period dramas and films with a social issue theme. She is inclusive of diversity in the themes of her films, her cast and crew.

Election Night

A British style ‘The Purge’ indie film written and directed by Neil Monaghan and produced by Ben Pickering starring; Samantha Loxley, Rebecca Ferdinando, Sean Cronin.

The film is set over one night and about five friends who hold an Election Night party in a politically divided Britain, with a populist right-wing party and a radical left-wing party battling for the keys to 10 Downing Street.

The films will be released in 2022 in the UK and North America by Alarm Pictures headed by Alex Mandell.

Other British Award-Winning films in negotiations with Electric Pictures for North America are:

Give Them Wings

Based on the bestselling book of severely disabled football fan Paul Hodgson diagnosed with childhood meningitis aged just 10 months, Paul’s parents were told he would never move or speak. Paul has gone on to become and international award-winning book author. The Film is based on his life. Starring: Up and Coming Award Winning Actor, Daniel Watson, Toyah Willcox, Bill Fellows, Jacob Anderson in the style of a modern day ‘My Left Foot’. The film is written by, Paul Hodgson, Sean Cronin, and Tony Waddington. Directed by Sean Cronin and Produced by Paul Hodgson, Ian Carter, Vic Waghorn.

Bulldog Films Distributors picked the film for UK distribution and in North America negotiations are ongoing with Electric Pictures for a release 2022. Other Territories will be announced shortly.

The film is set in 1989, and takes us through Paul’s incredible journey of heartbreak, suffering, discrimination and love, recounting his struggle to care for his mother, his experience of the Community Care system, education and employment, the loyalty of his friends and finally finding acceptance with both his father and the wider world.

Paul’s positivity shines through his story of fortitude in the face of severe odds and it offers a unique insight into what it means to be disabled in modern society. A hugely important film which encourages us to accept everybody for who they are, and not what they appear to be. Paul is now 55 years old and has gone on to become an award-winning film producer and screenwriter.

Awarded Best UK Feature and Best British Feature at the 2021 London Independent Film Awards, Give Them Wings follows in the footsteps of other real human interest stories which embrace the discrimination of the disabled and turn it on its head, such as My Left Foot, Billy Elliot, The Intouchables and I Daniel Blake.


A film set in North London written and directed by Karl Golden and stars Diarmaid Murtagh, Seun Shote and Woody Norman.

In Woody Norman’s latest film he plays the co-lead in C’mon’ C’mon by director Mike Mills, starring opposite Joaquin Phoenix. “Woody Norman is one of the greatest finds and it’s difficult not to be enamoured by his whimsical delivery and touching beats”. Variety 2021

Bruno is about a homeless man searching for his lost dog who forges an unexpected bond with a young boy. A deeply poignant film about mental illness in today’s society. With beautiful performances by Diarmaid Murtagh and Woody Norman.

The film has been picked up by Bulldog Film Distributors in the UK and in North America are in negotiations with Electric Pictures for a release 2022. Other Territories will be announced shortly.

Electric Pictures is also closing North America Rights on:

The Right Bus

The Right Bus

The Right Bus has been officially selected for both the ‘Salerno International Film Festival’ and the ‘Erie International Film Festival’ after recently winning various awards at the ‘Love International Film Festival.

The film is written and directed by Robbie Moffat and Produced by Suzanne Kindall in association with Jayney Mackie of Pink Flamingo Media Group and stars; Edan Hayhurst, (Seceret Garden, The Midnight Sky, Leonardo), Suzanne Kendall (So Long Marianne, Loss Adjuster), Ed Ward (So Long Marianne), Edith Glad, Guy Siner (Pirates of The Caribbean, Iron Clad, Allo Allo), Jason Harvey (Loss Adjuster, The Gallery, Neds, Retreat)

A poignant and soul-stirring romantic feature film based on the novel by Glenn Ward. Set in Oban, Western Scotland.

‘The Right Bus’ has been officially selected for the Salerno and Erie International Film Festivals.

So Long Marianne

Written by Robbie Moffat and directed by Paul Wiffen and starring; Josefine Frida Pettersen, Joe Vetch, Ed Ward, Suzanne Kendall, Tim Churchill, Despina Mirou, Catherine O’Reilly, Andreas Marianos, Shaylyn Gibson, MJ Lee, Joe Rainbow, Step Sinatra, Daniel Dresner

The film is the story of Leonard Cohen’s self-imposed exile, to finish writing a novel, in the idyllic Greek island of Hydra, and his fateful meeting and subsequent love affair with beautiful Norwegian muse Marianne Ihlen. A time of passion and music, sun and romance which saw the transformation of Cohen from a fiction writer into the international songwriter, poet and performer he was born to be.

Diary of Love

An indie style ‘365 Days’erotic thriller’ based on t on the bestselling novel “Il Quderno Nero Dell’Amore” by Marilù Manzini, published by Rizzoli. Through a diary written in a notebook, it tells the most intimate sexual secrets of three young people in search of their identities. The film stars;  Giulia Di Quilio, Emilia Verginelli, Giuseppe Convertini.

The film is written by: Luca Biglione, Francesca Demichelis, Marilù Manzini. Directed by Marilu Mazini and Produced by Roberto Bessi, Francesco Papa, Michael Cowan.

Just closed S.Korea, Jay entertainment and in talks to Close UK, Scandi, LATAM, Germany


A Spanish thriller in the style of ‘Lifes of Others’. The film is written by Nerea Lovecchio and directed by Daniel Lovechio.

The film moves between 1970’s dictatorship led Argentina and the present day, and set in Madrid and Buenos Aires. Angelic Lucia’s 23rd birthday celebrations are marred by the discovery of her beloved father’s terrible secret. Haunted by shadows of his past, one man and his family’s present are about to unravel.

The film stars: Nerea Lovecchio, Daniel Lovechio, Luciano Ciaglia.

The film won best Feature at the 2020 Lone Star Film Festival

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  • Date: February 8, 2022

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