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‘Watch the Sunset’ made Cinema Australia’s top 5 films of 2017

“Why we loved it Stanley Kubrick once said that if it can be written, or thought, it can be filmed. Watch The Sunset is a testament to the master’s words. This film is a captivating, perfectly executed piece of experimental cinema with a narrative that will shake viewers to their core. Watch The Sunset is a technical marvel which is sure to inspire many filmmakers both young and old.” – Cinema Australia 2017

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Phoenix boards the theatrical doc ‘Through the Eyes of Faith’

Through the Eyes of Faith – A true uplifting story of a world respected professional young dancer Richard “Steelo” Vazquez paralysed by a brain aneurysm.

We follow his life through his professional dance career to its heights while preparing to represent the US in an international dance competition in Seoul Korea he suffers a brain aneurysm that ruptures multiple times. Faced with malpractice and medical set backs, his family focuses on the positive.

This is the true story of “Steelo” and how he fought against all the odds and his faith that brought him back.

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‘The Liberators’ becomes the 2nd biggest Box Office film in Bulgarian history

Victor Bojinov’s film The Liberators (a.k.a Heights) has opened at No 1 of the Bulgarian Box Office with 50,000 admissions on its first week of release and is head to be one of the biggest box off gross of Bulgarian history.

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Based on Milen Ruskov’s best selling novel in eastern europe of the same title, Heights centres on events taking place a few years before Bulgaria freed itself from Ottoman rule in 1877. The story follows Gicho (Aleksandar Aleksiev, who is also the star and producer of Yana Titova’s feature debut, Fall and Salvation – see the news), a young man fighting in a revolutionary group that dreams of liberating the country. After he proves his prowess in battle, Gicho will receive a special mission from the group’s leader, paving the way for great adventures.

Doykov (Producer) is no stranger to Bulgarian box-office hits: in 2010,  he produced, Mission: London], which opened to 46,000 admissions, ending its run in Bulgarian cinemas with a record-breaking 376,000 tickets sold and becoming the biggest box office film in Bulgarian History out performing Star Wars. The Liberators has started well and looks to outperform Mission London.

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9 News Perth interviews Tristan Barr on ‘Watch the Sunset’

Ray Liotta and Juliette Lewis joins ‘Supreme Ruler’

We’re pleased to announce that Ray Liotta and Juliette Lewis has joined the cast of ‘Supreme Ruler’ – in Pre-Production.

SUPREME RULER is a dramatic satire about a middle-aged, small town go-getter named Steve Loomis whose life revolves around the activities of his local Buffalo lodge. Steve looks forward to being elected Supreme Ruler of the lodge, but is unexpectedly challenged for the position by a hard-drinking, womanizing, older member of the club named HANK DORY. How far will Steve go to pursue his lifelong ambition of becoming Supreme Ruler?

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Phoenix boards ‘Blood and Glory’


We are proud to announce the we have recently closed North America, South Africa, UK, and China to the Award Winning South African action adventure BLOOD AND GLORY (aka Modder en Bloed) – A Game Of Your Life. Based on true events. The film has just been successfully released in cinemas in South Africa.

The film is written and directed by rising south African star Sean Else and produced by one of South Africa’s renowned up and coming production company Dark Matter Studios: Henk PretoriusLlewelynn Greeff , Barend Kruger and Rudy Halgryn of Collective Dream Films. The film is in the style of ‘Triumph Of The Spirt’ meets ‘Merry Christmas’.

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‘Isolani’ Nominated for Best UK Feature 2017

ISOLANI – A taught well-acted thriller starring the incredible Kate McLaughlin, written and directed by Award winning R Paul Wilson.

The film has so far played at Raindance Film Festival; nominated for BEST UK FEATURE, Sydney IndieFilm Festival; Nominated for BEST DRAMA FILM and Orlando Film Festival with many more to come.

UPDATE: It is now also nominated for The Discovery Award and Best Music at this years British Independent Film Awards 2017.

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Timothy Spall headlines MANIFF

Latest review for ‘A Good Day to Die’

Supreme Ruler for Pre-sale at Cannes 69th

SCREENMANCER Press Pick-up: SUPREME RULER, put together by some friends we know here at Screenmancer, is set to star Ron Livingstone (The Conjuring, The 5th Wave, Office Space), Vincent D’Onofrio (Jurassic World, The Magnificent Seven, Run All Night), Minnie Driver (Jekyll Island, About A Boy TV series, An Idea Husband, Good Will Hunting), Peyton List (Jessie TV Series), Billy Zane (Zoolander 2, Titanic, Phantom), Anthony Anderson (Transformers, Barber Shop, The Departed, Me, Myself and Irene), Brian Geraghty (Jarhead, The Hurt Locker, Flight), and Natalie Zea (Detour TV series).

Produced in North America, this unique project is about a man who campaigns to become the leader of his Buffalo lodge in the vein of ‘Election’-meets-‘FARGO’.

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