4th Generation Irish-American, Tom Muphy, lives in Cleveland. After meeting the beautiful Greek, Vanessa, whom he inadvertently gets fired, Tom soon learns that he is to be best man at his friend Marty’s wedding, though is surprised to find out Marty’s fiancé Birnie has asked the recently jobless Vanessa to be her maid of honour.

With the wedding taking place in Ireland, before leaving, Tom’s family are keen to encourage him to take advantage of the trip and find himself an Irish girl, to “stay with his own kind”, like John Wayne in The Quiet Man. After coincidentally being sat next to each other on the plane to Ireland, Tom and Vanessa strike up a conversation and make a connection.

In Ireland, with the aid of some distant relatives including Fintan (Colm Meaney) and a chance meeting with Vanessa’s father, Tom learns what it really means to be Irish, that its what’s in your heart that most important and that it’s not like the mythical The Quiet Man at all.

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