Walking With Elephants is a film that is focused on looking at the real issue of the elephants decline and that is MAN. There is 350,000 elephants left in Africa, and they are being killed at around 30,000 a year unless WE do something about it. The Elephants are being squeezed by US into ever smaller patterns of behavior. While poaching is highlighted as a major factor in the decline in elephant numbers, it is in fact farming and in particular cattle farming, that is robbing the elephants of their habitat and the animals that depend on the grass lands they created.

The film will focus on finding and following elephants in the last days of the great elephant walk that once stretched from South Africa, to Ethiopia. By walking with the them we will come to understand the barriers to their continued existence. By covering seven countries – Namibia, Botswana, Angola, Zimbabwe, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya as we walk with them we will get to understand the true life of the elephant.

In summary, Walking With Elephants is about the relationship between elephants and humans, the obstacles elephants endure from their one enemy –MAN. Walking With Elephants is about what we need to do to change our ways, rather than what elephants need to do to avoid extinction. Africa population will double in the next 50 years and so will the land resources for MAN so unless we buy land for the elephant and protect land for the elephant, there will be no elephants left in our lifetimes.



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