In Summer 2009, director Charlie Ruez began shooting a documentary about low-life drug dealer Terry Jones. 6 months later the tapes were seized for evidence by the Metropolitan Police Department after two homicides. In 2010, the footage was finally released… and this is what you’ll see. A British La Haine.

“Spits in the sink of most British crime movies… “ MAXIM
“scarily real” or “reality hoolie” **** THE SUN, Grant Rollings
“Gripping, powerful stuff. Like nothing I’ve seen before.” ZOO WEEKLY
“Brilliantly authentic – the British crime film we’ve all been waiting for.” **** DAILY MIRROR, David Edwards
“Groundbreaking… Strikingly authentic from start to finish. A sparkling north star in the bland night sky of grassroots urban British cinema. Nick Nevern and producer Jason
Maza are two to watch”
“Imagine Colin Firth, with a skinhead, and without a stutter, and you’ve got Terry.” THE TIMES PLAYLIST, David Hayles