Three USC students driving back to their dorms get horribly lost in the Skid Row section of Los Angeles. Things go from bad to worse when their new truck gets a flat tire. When they jump out of the truck to investigate, they find a spiked board is the culprit. A booby trap. This was intentional. A gang of homeless people surround the three doe-eyed freshman and strike. The most dangerous game has begun. College football quarterback Marshal is in for the run of his life…

The premise of Chad Ferrin’s Parasites is so brilliantly simple. Inspired by OG explorer John Colter’s capture and escape from the Blackfeet tribe in 1809, Parasites is a survival thriller inhabiting the gutters, homeless camps, abandoned buildings, and every other shadowy corner around Skid Row.

Marshal (played with captivating conviction by Sean Samuels) flees from the homeless gang, only to find danger around every corner – yuppies with paintball guns, cops, pimps, prostitutes, the whole kitchen sink of night walking derelicts.

And in a cruel twist of fate, Marshal has been stripped naked by the gang when they thought he was dead. He bests the first homeless man who subsequently attacks him and takes his ragged clothes. So now everyone Marshal comes across for help thinks he’s a filthy, piss-soaked bum and treats him cruelly as such.

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