Malcolm, a heavy drinking agoraphobic, has lost almost everything to the recession when his mini property empire imploded. He has committed himself to one remaining property, his only chance of escape from a lifetime of debt, bailiffs and angry, unpaid tradesmen.

He needs to renovate and sell… fast! But work comes to a premature halt when he discovers that the layout of his home doesn’t match the walls marked on his plans. The rooms are too small! Drinking heavily, plagued by terrifying dreams and armed with a claw hammer, he starts pulling down the walls. He discovers objects entombed within, toys, clothes, trinkets from someone else’s past.

The nightmares worsen, he sees apparitions of a woman and child, battered and disfigured. They seem to call to him. Something must have happened to them… something terrible! They are asking him for help. Malcolm is compelled to unravel the house’s dark past, overcome his agoraphobia and confronts the previous owner who he is sure has murdered his wife and child.

But will the truth free Malcolm? Or will it destroy him?

Condemned Press Kit 2017

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