Ben Barnes (Prince Caspian) and Russian heartthrob Andrei Chadov (Russkoye) come together in the breezy, barbed satire BIGGA THAN BEN.

Based on the true story of two likeable “pieces of Moscow scum”, Russians Cobakka (Ben Barnes) and Spiker (Andrey Chadov) are intent on amassing an easy fortune in London any way they can. They learn to shoplift, rip off banks, and turn mobile phones into crack. But their lives soon turn sour, and the highs begin to fade. When homesick Spiker slips into serious drug addiction and their crime mentor double-crosses them, Cobakka finds himself forced into making some tough life-changing decisions.

Huge hit at Edinburgh and Moscow film festivals. Music by Joe Strummer and Pete Doherty

“The Subversive sting of BORAT… Bristling with Energy and cheek charm. One of the best Indie films of the year.” – Daily Telegraph

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