A crime Godfather leaves prison after five years to find his power eroded and his family decimated – Gangland executions and massive police operations have nearly killed off his criminal empire and vengeance is in the air. But self professed gay gangster Dominic Noonan returns to the streets under stringent terrorist conditions, under oppressive National Police surveillance without power , cash and his gangster army– his greatest and only hope rests with his 16 year old child Bugsy. Gone are the gangster’s armored cars, fleet of ambulances and community Police station – worst of all fast evaporating is his respect as the next generation look to take over and dominate.

A decade after award winning reporter and director, Donal MacIntyre, first filmed one of Britain’s most dangerous crime families – The Irish investigator returns to observe the next generation in this brutal and visceral world. Opening doors that few could ever hope to – MacIntyre continues to reveal the nature of children living lives foretold – he revels in the filth of crime and passion of a landscape packed with murder, rape and torture to ask that most important of questions – Can the children outlive and survive – ‘The Sins of the Father’

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